Before leaving

Entry formalities in Tunisia
- A valid passport
- A Visa, according to the criteria and arrangements established with each country. Thus, lots of nationalities are exempt from visa as long as their stay does not exceed a period of three months.
- However, note that the ID card is often "tolerated" for citizens of many countries (EU, USA, etc.).

Animals, conditions of entry to the Tunisian borders for travelers
Cats and dogs must necessarily beings provided with a health certificate established by a veterinarian. The same goes for the vaccination, which must be updated, including the rabies vaccine.

Articles and taxes in strengths for entry into Tunisia
This list is imported items and taxes freedmen rights and their authorized quantities:
- Tobacco: 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars.
- Alcohol: 2 liters for beverages with an alcohol content of 25% or less
1 liter for beverage more than 25%
- Perfume: 1/4 liter for the "extracts" and 1 liter for "toilet water"

Phone Country Code: 00 or (216 +)
Dial the country code + area code + the number of your contact

Indicative of Tunisian cities
Tunis: 71
Hammamet, Nabeul and Bizerte: 72
Monastir, Sousse and Mahdia: 73
Gabes, Djerba and Zarzis: 75
Tozeur, Nafta and the Twelve: 76
Tabarka: 78
On arrival at the airport and to open your mobile phone, you can choose between three mobile operators to perform Roaming: Tunisie Telecom, Tunisiana and Orange Tunisia

Useful numbers in Tunisia
Civil Protection: 198
UAS: 190
Police Secours: 197

Fire Hall classified by cities
- Tunis:
Avenue de Lyon, Tunis: 71 345 550/71 330 114
Route de la Marsa, Tunis: 71960210
Moncef Bey, Tunis: 71352103
Tebourba, Manouba: 71530160
Ben Arous: 71382766
Road Hammamet: 72223766
- Bizerte
Avenue Habib Bourguiba: 72431022
Regional Directorate: 74228384
Cite Ibn Khaldoun: 73383632
El Kantaoui, Hammam Sousse: 73817050
Airport Road, Houmt Souk: 75 651 199/75 650 200
- Tabarka
Route de Tunis: 78672000

Opening hours of banks and public institutions, companies ...
8h-12h and 16h-de13h / 17h all year round off the summer season (July and August from 7.30 / 8am to 13h30 / 14h non stop)

Rest days: Saturday and Sunday for companies and banks. The authorities closed Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Local currency, the Tunisian dinar
1 Tunisian dinar is equivalent to roughly 50 cents Euros (for an exact value, refer to the converter of Service page of the hotel)
When shopping, you have to be careful not to mislead you in exchange. There are 5 classes of notes in Tunisia 50 dinars, 30 dinars, 20 dinars, 10 and 5 dinars.
The coins in order of importance: Exhibit 5 dinars (similar to a € 2 coin) which is equivalent to the ticket 5. Then, there is the coin of 1 dinar and 500 millimes.
The silver coins (dinars and 500 millimes 1) have more value than those golden, considered small change (100, 50, 20 and 10 millimes).